There are 2 major factors to consider:
  • Large mineral reserves: Brazil has got one of the a largest mineral reserves on the planet. It has one of the largest gold reserves and only 1.27% of its mineral resources have been explored. Furthermore, Brazil has a stable economy and is mining friendly.
  • Low entry levels: Gold mining projects done as an open pit type cost less to get started because of their simplicity and low risk. Even if you start as an artisan prospector ("garimpeiro") you stand a chance of making it big as was seen in the news recently. With gold prices at about US$ 1,300.- per ounce, that is no wonder. Some gold prospectors were featured in the ESTADAO, one of the largest newspapers in circulation in Brazil (September 2010), showing that they were able to take out 40 kilos of gold each per month using only small and rudimentry equipment.

    Many of the open pit projects can get started by small companies or entreprenuers for US$ 2 million or less and fetch excellent results in a very short time. This is because the mining equipment needed (mainly plants, diggers, trucks, etc.) for a small scale mining project cost less to deploy, operate and to secure.

It does not mean that anyone can get the same results - there are some risks involved. We can show you how to avoid or minimize them.

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