Gold Mines Brazil has gathered in its team some of the most experienced professionals in the mining area. We believe that nothing beats field experience. If you have a mining project and do not know where to start, we are the answer. We can take it from concept to field execution.

Before we take on a project, we test it and follow a testing process that will specify the best type of plant to be used in your project. Next, we plan the project and execute it on time and on the money, taking into account, logistics, personnel, equipment procurement, plant type, plant completion and deployment of equipments in the filed and, most importantly - security. We then hire the most experienced geologists, plant engineers, site managers, chemists, capable employees and security and logistics personnel needed for the execution of the project.

The web site is operated by our Brazilian company, which has extensive connections with mining companies, mining properties' owners, certified geologists, international lawyers, accountants and other professionals of the mining filed, as well as with plant managers. Our team has experience in business development as well as in management, business selling, expanding of existing businesses, mergers and acquisitions and joint ventures.

Our executives speak English, Portuguese, Spanish and French. They also have extensive experience of engineering, geology and business development. We professionally manage the process of locating and pre-screening of mining projects, and then select the best project and present it to potential investors.

We are committed to locating the best mining opportunities for potential investors/lenders/joint venture partners and locating of funding sources for mining projects, being developed by USA companies. Our clients - mining companies - are private or publicly traded companies.

We believe that the Brazilian mining industry provides a lot of attractive opportunities for potential investors/lenders. We specialize in gold mines but we also deal with copper, silver, lead, iron, lithium and manganese mining projects. We have recently acquired some diamond and emerald mines.

Due to our extensive connections in the USA, Central and South America, Russia and other countries of the former USSR we can refer to you a large group of local experienced professionals and companies covering any aspect of precious and non-ferrous metals mining.

If you are interested to look into some gold mining projects and others, please read the executive summaries under the available projects and feel free to contact us for further details.

If you are a Brazilian mine owner with a mining project of any type and are looking for a buyer, investor or joint venture partner, we will connect you with the right investor. You may review our preferences on the page Projects and Properties Wanted or For Brazilians Only.

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