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There are 3 ways to buy gold:
  • Bank to bank
  • Standard procedures, either FOB or CIF using LOI, FCO. Thereafter buyer and seller meet to finalize the deal
  • Purchasing using LC or BG. See the explanation below.

The third way, which we have developed exclusively, is by using a letter of credit given to a gold mine already in production. The letter of credit is payable for one year, at each month for a fixed amount of gold. For example, lets say you want to receive 100 kilos of gold per month. The letter of credit will pay each month for 100 kilos to be delivered either CIF or FOB as per contractor preference. The advantages of this format are:
  • Constant gold supply on monthly basis
  • Higher discounts at 12% gross 9% net

The risk of paying using a bank instrument is offset by the collateral offered by the mine owner which is equivalent to 51% of the shares of the company. If you are interested in this format, it sure is worth a try. You may start with as low amounts as 50 kilos per month then increase as you build confidence.

We are a legal Seller’s Mandate and the companies we represent cannot deal with facilitators/intermediaries who continue to circulate and shuffle papers, get no commitments and productive results, create aggravations and stress during the process, and at the end of the day, wonder why their deals never close.

We suggest that the Buyer’s Mandate and the buyer take the time to understand our seller’s procedure. If they agree, we can move forward with confidence without vacillation and get the transaction closed expeditiously.

If the buyer does not accept the Seller’s Procedure 100%, there is NO POINT to move forward, because the seller’s procedure is FINAL and  cannot be revised. In that case we suggest you find another seller.

Our conditions and Seller’s Procedure, when strictly followed, will eliminate the joker brokers/agents who come in as buyers and later only we find out that they could not come up with the banking instruments because they are not really the end buyer. So, us and them would just wasting time… in short, bottom line is, please stick to the SELLER'S PROCEDURE!

The majority of intermediaries, brokers, and others say they are serious buyers, and accept our terms and procedures at 100%, but within hours, the deals are being offered to everyone on the internet.

We only send FCO'S on behalf of BUYERS

To request an FCO, you must send us the following information:
  • Commodity
  • Quantity
  • Duration
  • Company Name
  • Buyer's Name
  • Passport Number
  • Bank Capacity Letter (BCL)

If you are reluctant to provide the required information, you may see ours on the our NCND documents or documents of our sellers, (mandates, licenses, registrations, passport copies, etc.). These are only sent directly to the buyers after accepting and signing our FCO, NCND, IMFPA and ICPO.

“If you do not accept our conditions in full, please do not waste your time to contact us!” (please understand that there is no softer way to express this point, so don't be offended).


ICC - Commercial Crime Services
ICC Commercial Crime Services (CCS) is the anti-crime arm of the International Chamber of Commerce. Based in the UK, CCS is a membership organization tasked with combating all forms of commercial crime.

CCS comprises three specialized bureaus, which operate as an autonomous membership association offering its members a full range of resources. Companies and individuals can become members of an individual Bureau according to their business type and requirements, or in more complex situations they may benefit from association with more than one bureau.

ICC-CCS refutes bogus blacklists which have been causing concern to coporations. Recently a number of false 'blacklists' have been circulated via the internet, purportedly originating from ICC Commercial Crime Services (CCS) and ICC Financial Investigation Bureau (FIB).

CCS Director Pottengal Mukundan states: "CCS does not produce, endorse or in any way develop or maintain any sort of ‘blacklist’ of corporations or individuals. We are currently investigating the origins of these lists and will take appropriate action when we identify those responsible."

These bogus lists feature the contact details of individuals and companies supposedly compiled by CCS. These fraudulent documents feature the unauthorized use of CCS corporate insignia and the name of a former FIB Assistant Director is included at the bottom of each page.

The phony blacklists were originally mass e-mailed to numerous German companies. The information in the e-mail was not only completely fabricated, but also contained false details with respect to its origin.

Mr. Mukundan added: "It appears that these lists have been circulated with the intent of damaging the reputations of the listed companies. These lists have the potential to harm legitimate trade and honest corporations. They should be completely disregarded and given no credence whatsoever."

CCS advises companies concerned about the validity of these lists to verify the domain name of the website publishing the information. This will confirm that the websites are neither ICC nor CCS operated.

In the past, such lists were purported to have been issued by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC). ICC disclaims any information concerning the illegal or fraudulent behaviour of individual companies or persons. The full disclaimer can viewed online at:

Whoever may have further information regarding these fake blacklists is urged to contact CCS at

ICC Commercial Crime Services
Cinnabar Wharf
26, Wapping High Street
London E1W 1NG
Tel No: + 44 (0)207 423 6960
Fax No: + 44 (0)207 423 6961

ICC - Fraudnet
Fraud is a growing and global problem. Modern frauds are often complicated and invariably cross national boundaries, further compounding the difficulties associated with determining if a fraud has taken place and if so, who has perpetrated it.

This makes the problem of seeking redress and recovery that much harder: victims are confused and not sure what to do next, or who they can turn to for help. They will quickly find that fraud is a low priority for local law enforcement.

But the longer victims take to react the more difficult it is to track down fraudsters and the less chance there is of bringing them to book or recovering lost assets.

FraudNet makes a positive and unique contribution to combating the global problem of fraud and asset recovery. FraudNet provides a new, innovative way to tackle fraud and track down and take action against the offenders using the combined strengths of a global network.

FraudNet provides fraud victims with a first local-point-of-contact service using legal specialists that can help, and the resource of a global network of partners to investigate and take action against fraudsters in foreign jurisdictions, increasing the chances of recovering losses.

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