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 12.5 KG BARS of GLD Standard

Internationally accepted hallmarks, Johnson & Mattney, with less than 5 years.

12% gross and 9% net to buyer
Bank in LONDON
1,5% to seller mandate group and 1,5% to intermediares
The agreed purchase price is the quoted price in USD or EUR as set forth in the latest valid Second Fixing Rate (PM) Issued by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) on The Day-of-Transaction. In the event that the LBMA is not operating on that scheduled day, the price calculation used shall be based on second LBMA fixing of the next change to last Market opening day and per tranche.
Minimum: 5MT/MONTHLY x 12 MONTHS with a possible extension over five years
All PAYMENTS by clear, clean money of non-criminal origin and by SBLC+ IFT/WIRE TRANSFER MT103-23 within maximum two (2) Banking days.
Each delivery shall be accompanied by a Bill of Lading with all necessary documentation in accordance with international law, which includes:
1. Original Certificate of Deposit
2. Four (4) Copies of commercial Invoices in favor of BUYER
3. Certificate of Origin
4. Certificate of Legal Ownership
5. Internationally Accepted Assay Certificate
6. Certificate of Insurance
7. Export Permit Export License
8. Bank Warranty of Delivery
9. Custom Duty SELLER’s Certificate stating that the refined Bullions are free and clear of all liens and encumbrances and freely tradable and exportable and is o no criminal origin
10. Warehouse Receipts
11. Certificate of Weight List describing each bar as follows:
§        Serial Number as stamped on each bar
§        Fineness as stamped one ach bar
§        Raw Weight as stamped on each bar
§        Total Weight as stamped on each bar
§        Receipt of Custom Duties and Taxes
12. Packing list
1. SELLER or SELLER Mandate agrees to issue PROTOCOL / Full Corporate Offer (FCO, valid for three (3) days).
2. BUYER agrees to sign and seal FCO as acceptance of terms and conditions, signed and sealed IMFPA, NCND and returns for SELLER’s acceptance, including Letter from the Bank.
Together with signed FCO, BUYER will present to SELLER a BANK STATEMENT that undertaker to issue the Bank Instrument specified by BUYER in this FCO.
3. SELLER or SELLER Mandate after receiving the documents and approved, (FCO, LETTER FROM BANK, IMFPA, and NCND) submit Sales and Purchase Contract with full banking coordinates.
4. Within two (2) Banking days of signing the Sales and Purchase Contract, BUYER’s Bank shall provide an operative BG/ MT103-23, STANDBY LETTER OF CREDIT (SBLC) MT760 for the first tranche standing as payment collateral for the entire first tranche.
Upon SELLER’s Bank receipt, confirmation and acceptance of BUYER’s MT103-23, BG/SBLC MT760 as per SELLER’s verbiage, SELLER submits in one (1) banking day POP and SKR via MT600 for the entire first tranche to BUYER’s bank to verify and confirm the gold. 
BUYER may choose to perform TTM at SELLER’s location or they can choose to have gold shipped to BUYER’s designated location.
5. SELLER shall instruct his Bullion Officer to set up an appointment with BUYER’s Bullion Officer in the Bullion Depository to verify the AU metal, the quantity available and to verify that gold is free from any liens and encumbrances or the pay for the shipping cost to our company appointed shipper to ship 1MT to the BUYERs location for the TTM.
6. Upon satisfaction of both Bullion Officers that the Contract can be consummated, the BUYER will instruct his Bullion Officer to confirm the availability of funds to be used as payment and the SELLER and BUYER will instruct their Bullion Officers to complete the transaction.
7. BUYER will transfer the agreed amount of the Hallmarked Bar tranche and subsequent tranches to the SELLER’s Bank via SWIFT/WIRE Transfer within 24 hours against the Transfer of Ownership of the metal.
8. The Commissions will be paid immediately and without delay to each appointed Paymaster or Beneficiary after each delivery and as per Terms and Conditions of the IMFPA.

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