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Commodity prices have risen steadily, including the price of aluminum and its raw material - bauxite.

An area of 500 hectares with measured reserve of 40,000,000 tons. Research was conducted by the geologists of the Vale Rio Doce. It had estimated a resource of 60,000,000 tons and a reserve of 40,000,000 tons. The research was based on 17 probe drillings up to a depth of 60 meters. Ore concentration is at 55%.

Research had identified 8 principal veins. 4 of them were tested.

The plant is partially operated by the owner. The owner is exploring the site and his monthly take out is about 400 tons of ore. There is some rudimentary mining equipment on site and a small field headquarters.

  • LOCATION: Santa Catarina
  • LAND SURFACE RIGHTS: The surface rights belong to one owner at this point
  • RESERVES: The mine site can produce as much as 6-8- million tons annually and its life expectancy at 1,000,000 tons annually is 40 years. If we take into account the adjacent areas which were also claimed by the owner, production can last for as long as 100 years
  • LOGISTICS: Good; a road passes through the site. The electric grid facilitates plant and base camp operation. There is a small landing/take-off strip for medium-sized planes
  • LICENSING: Operating licenses were also issued. No pending licenses
  • ASKING PRICE: Outright sale asking price: U$ 200,000,000.-
  • JOINT VENTURE: Owner accepts JV options. No reasonable offer will be refused as long that there is a minimum down payment of U$ 5 million
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